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Lake Cerknica lies in the most distinct Karst landscape in Slovenia, situated in the southern part of Cerknica polje and near small town of Cerknica. ..It is an intermittent lake on a karstic field. Its water level is never the same, sometimes the lake is dry, and sometimes flooded. It is the largest intermittent lake in the Slovenia, and when full, it is the largest lake in the country. ..Lake Cerknica is one of the most famous phenomena of the Slovene Karst. The surface of the lake can reach up to 38 km², its average depth is 10m max, and the surface level varies from 546 to 551 metres above sea level. The difference in the inflow and the outflow of water causes the lake to disappear. The lake fills in the spring and during rainy periods (mainly in autumn). When the water level is the highest, the lake has three islands: Mala Gorica in the inlet Jama, Velika Gorica (Gori?ica) and Otok. When the lake is full, the hamlet Otok on the island Otok is the only island village in Slovenia. And when the lake is dry it is possible to see sinkholes and walk 'inside' the lake....Lake Cerknica is an important wildlife resort, especially as a nesting place for many bird species, and it is the focus of Notranjska Regiona park. ..It is surrounded by Javorniki Hills and Mountain Slivnica which has traditionally been known as the gathering place of witches.